I'm ill :-(.
  • It's not urgent. Speak to the College nurse, or email her.
  • I need a doctor. Contact your GP, usually the college surgery, on 01865 240501.
  • I need advice, out of hours. Contact the NHS Direct service on 111. IN AN EMERGENCY RING 999 / 112.
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I feel a little overwhelmed.

Peer supporters are available. Feel free to contact the MCR peer supporters through email.

If you would prefer staff-provided support, contact the welfare advisor, or the chaplain.

The central University provides a specialist counselling service. See their website for further information.

You can also contact Nightline. Call them on 01865 270270.

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I need emergency contraception.

Contact the College GP surgery without delay on 01865 240501. Alternatively, contact the Alec Turnbull Family Planning Clinic on 01865 456666. If the need arises over the weekend, you can attend the Accident and Emergency department at the John Radcliffe.

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I need condoms, tampons, or a pregnancy test.

You can get these from the MCR. Contact MCR welfare if stocks are low. You can also contact the Men's or Women's officers.

These are also available from the dedicated Men's and Women's rooms.

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I want to get involved in MCR welfare events.

Contact the welfare officer!

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